Just when I thought the holiday festive season ,new year bash got over,what next came to my mind.Too late did I realize its Valentine’s Day around the corner.It might be just another day for few but there are still a many like me who would like to celebrate it in their own sweet way.Needless to say chocolates,cakes and gifts are a customary part of this special day.Nothing can be more satisfying than doing/making  things for our loved ones with a personal touch. I have decided to host  Bake – a – Cake event this month.I am hopeful that this event is going to bring about the best baking minds together. To keep up with the spirit of the season how about a cake with a Valentine’s day theme? Here are the rules

  1. Bake any cake with Valentine’s day as a theme.For eg – Heart shaped cakes,or any other shapes round,square,bundt or anything,chocolate or strawberry based etc.These are just examples,you can cup with anything that suits you.
  2. Everything needs to be baked from scratch. No ready made cake mix allowed.
  3. Post it about in your blog between now and  27 Feb 2010 ,CST.Entries must be in English.Please ensure to link it to this post as well.
  4. No earlier posts allowed. The cake needs to be baked for this event,though you are allowed to share with any other blog events.
  5. Limit to 2 entries per blog. Please feel free to promote Bake-a-Cake event by adding this logo to your blog post.
  6. After posting,please mail me (foodielovers@gmail.com) with the below mentioned details.

Your name –

Blog Name –

Post title –

Post URL –

Your location –

Attach a 350 – pixel wide  photo

On the subject of the mail,please mention “Bake-a-Cake”.Non bloggers can mail me the details.

Round up will be posted by the 5th Mar’10

Also, how about tempting you with a special gift? One random entry will win the Perfect Desserts : 55 recipe cards by the editors of Good Housekeeping.

If I get enough responses, I will make this a monthly event…wat do u people say? Are you willing to contribute?

Looking forward to your entries for this event.

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