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Its about a month since I kickstarted “Bake-a-Cake” event.Given the short notice, I was pleasantly surprised to see good responses to this event.Each cake had a story to tell,it was different,elegant and enticing. However, the underlying meaning conveyed the same sentiments,Cake baked with love for their Valentine’s.Here is the round up of all the entries in the order that I received.

Valentine’s Day Cake by Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen (Australia)

Red Velvet Cake by Lily of Dolce e Salata from Oxford,UK

Grace by Kris Ngoei of  Bake in Paris from Bangkok, Thailand.

White Chocolate Valentine’s Gateau by Divya Kudua of Easy Cooking from Chennai,India

Eggless Orange Cake by LK of Palate Desires from Ohio

Chocolate Heart Cake by Sermi Hafiz of As you Like it from Doha,Qatar

Red Velvet Cake Roll by Deeba of Passionate About Baking from North India

Carrot Cake by Nisha of Look who’s cooking too from London,UK

Chocolate Blackout Cake by Nachiketa of The Variable from New Delhi, India

Chocolate Pancakes by Kelsey of  Apple a Day from Phoenix,Arizona

NewYork Style Cheesecake by Vaishali Sharma(Bhutani) of Adding Zest to your Cooking from Austin,TX

Black Forest Cake by Sayantani of A Homemaker’s Diary from India

Chocolate Fudge Cake by Aqua of Served with Love from Singapore

Black Forest Cake(Indian Style) by Smitha of Smitha’s Spicy Flavors from Nashua,NH

As announced earlier , I went about selecting a random winner.And the winner is Smitha of Smitha’s Spicy Flavors Congratulations you’ve won the Perfect Desserts : 55 recipe cards by the editors of Good Housekeeping.

Smitha,I will reach out to you for further information.Thanks all for taking time to participate  in this event!


Just when I thought the holiday festive season ,new year bash got over,what next came to my mind.Too late did I realize its Valentine’s Day around the corner.It might be just another day for few but there are still a many like me who would like to celebrate it in their own sweet way.Needless to say chocolates,cakes and gifts are a customary part of this special day.Nothing can be more satisfying than doing/making  things for our loved ones with a personal touch. I have decided to host  Bake – a – Cake event this month.I am hopeful that this event is going to bring about the best baking minds together. To keep up with the spirit of the season how about a cake with a Valentine’s day theme? Here are the rules

  1. Bake any cake with Valentine’s day as a theme.For eg – Heart shaped cakes,or any other shapes round,square,bundt or anything,chocolate or strawberry based etc.These are just examples,you can cup with anything that suits you.
  2. Everything needs to be baked from scratch. No ready made cake mix allowed.
  3. Post it about in your blog between now and  27 Feb 2010 ,CST.Entries must be in English.Please ensure to link it to this post as well.
  4. No earlier posts allowed. The cake needs to be baked for this event,though you are allowed to share with any other blog events.
  5. Limit to 2 entries per blog. Please feel free to promote Bake-a-Cake event by adding this logo to your blog post.
  6. After posting,please mail me ( with the below mentioned details.

Your name –

Blog Name –

Post title –

Post URL –

Your location –

Attach a 350 – pixel wide  photo

On the subject of the mail,please mention “Bake-a-Cake”.Non bloggers can mail me the details.

Round up will be posted by the 5th Mar’10

Also, how about tempting you with a special gift? One random entry will win the Perfect Desserts : 55 recipe cards by the editors of Good Housekeeping.

If I get enough responses, I will make this a monthly event…wat do u people say? Are you willing to contribute?

Looking forward to your entries for this event.


The world must certainly be a happy place to live.Well atleast people look at the brighter side of life,that?s the way I wud bring FIC Express your mood to a conclusion ? a happy ending indeed. This was my first experience hosting an event of this nature and at the outset I would like to thanks Harini of Tongueticklers for giving me this opportunity. Now let start going over how people have expressed their moods thru their favorite dishes.

The person who let me host this event Harini of Tongueticklers says “the mood turns happy when the food is Adai” (Rice Lentil Pancakes).

Minoti‘s refreshing “Aqua Fresca” a Mexican drink,which is made out of Mango.She makes them during hot summer days.

Sadhana of A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine made a complete guilt free,low carb,protein packed Coconut Quinoa.Having sometime for herself,after a relaxed Yoga in a calm,quite and a peaceful mood she made this yummy dish,giving Quinoa a complete makeover.

Being happy seeing the greenery around,Arti Agarwal of Breakfast to Dinner decided cook something green and ended up with the beautiful “Green Tikki

In a happy mood Priya Suresh of Priya’s Easy and Tasty recipe made “Oats n Mango Mousse Delight” which is truly a feast and delightful dessert.

EC of Simple Indian Food made Potato Halwa,which reflects her Happy mood.

Jaya Wagle of Jayaspace says nothing better expresses our mood than food,in a very calm and happy mood she created the Srikhand+Aamras-Amrakhand.I liked what she said – If Gods were sitting for a meal,they wud be having Amrakhand as one of their desserts:)

Sadhana of A2Z Vegetarian was thoroughly energized and recharged on a weekend when things went on well scheduled,which made her happy and ended up with a Whole(Multi) Grain Pizza.

Yet another happy mood cooking from Shanthi of Shanthi Krishnakumar’s Cookbook who made Kunukku.

Looking for a super easy,healthy,crispy and quick food??? Kalva of Curry in Kadai has the answers to it….yummy looking Whole Wheat Eggless Orange Pancakes,well the name itself depicts her mood in this:)

On a hopeful mood Dhanggit of Dhanggit’s Kitchen made these gorgeous looking Apricot Bread for her daughter.

Cooking Kappa Puzhakka made Jisha of Kerala Recipes very happy and enthusiastic.

Food can do wonders don’t they? Yasmeen of Health Nut made Bisi Bele Bhath for the first time in a very anxious and worried mood which ended up comforting her.

“The warm earthy browns of this dish leave me feeling uplifted and light-hearted on a heavy gray monsoon day” says Deepika of Less Sugar,Please,making a perfect comfort food Rasam Vada.

Soma‘s happy,vibrant and energetic mood is pretty evident in the “Strawberry Preserve” that she made.

Another one from Kalva of Curry in Kadai – who wudn’t want to start their morning in a healthy way? Do look out for her post – A Simple sumptuous delight, Blueberry Almond Yogurt Smoothie.

Gloomy and dull weather can make anyone lethargic,feeling the same way Pooja of My Experience with Cooking made the beautiful and comforting Carrot Mushroom Soup.

Being happy with the rains,Sudha of Malaysian Delicasies made these interesting Red Bean Jelly.

Yet another happy mood person,Ramya of Simple Vegetarian Recipes made the traditional Puli Pongal and Spicy Fried Green Beans,a perfect chinese delicacy.

Happy-go-lucky and optimistic Shaista Tabrez of Mixcalculations in a happy mood created the comforting Tahiri.

Celebrating her husband’s success and happiness,Indrani of Appyayan made Moong Dal Paratha for Dinner.

In the pink of health,rosy red our newbie food blogger Shwetha of Cookie Shutter made Dalimbe Hesarubele Kosambri

Excited and Enthusiastic Preethi of Preethi’s Online Cookbook baked Hyderabadi Biryani

After a tiring week,Muskaan of A2Z Vegetarian in a lousy mood made Tuver Ni Dal Dhokli(Wheat Bread Strips in Lentil Soup) which was comforting enough;)

Brown always sets in a warm and inviting atmosphere.Feeling warm and pleasant,Preeti Kashyap of Relishing Recipes made the gorgeous looking Cheese and Mushroom Rosti

In full festive mood,Preeti of Khaugiri made “Hayagreeva“.This is something totally new to me.

Updated – I missed Lubna’s refreshing post earlier.Apologies Lubna.In a super fresh mood our very own Lubna of Kitchen Flavours made Vitamin rich Fresh Musambi Juice.

Last but not the least,another happy person made these Crispy Onion Rings.Wondering who????? Its me….am happy too:)

Thanks all for your entries:)


First of all thanks to Harini for letting me host this event.

I believe our nature or personality traits or moods influences our creations .It could be as complex as an abstract painting or a brilliant piece of musical composition or as simple as the regular food we make on a day to day basis.Life in itself is so colorful,right from the the dresses we wear,the cars we drive,the walls around us,etc. Mother Nature too has blessed us with so much of color around us,be it the vast blue sea, dense green forest,dark brown mountains or the golden sand.Being in Midwest,how can I forget the white Snow?

Scientific studies have shown that there is a a strong link between Human Nature and their choice of Colors.On the same lines I thought,to host this event that brings about the dimension of color in the food based on our every day mood.For instance,if you are a vibrant and happy fellow,you may chose to cook something YELLOW;calm and quiet,you may choose WHITE;excited,enthusiastic and strange choose ORANGE;angry and stressed choose RED and so on.

So how are you feeling today?

It would be a fun exercise if you specify your current mood when you
send in the entries,to prove if there is indeed a scientific link between the mood and choice of colors!

Here are the rules for FIC:

1. Cook and post any food with emphasis on the theme “Express your Mood” in the finished product.

2.Please note that raw vegetables are allowed only in soups or salads. Also, do not re-post earlier posts for this event. It is fun when we get new entries.

3.Only vegetarian food allowed,no eggs too.

4.You MUST link your post to Sunshinemom’s rules page and this post.Entries not linked to both these post will not be included in the final round up.

5.If your recipe is inspired or taken from a blog or site, please link by name instead of using a link with “here”, to acknowledge the person and not the thing!

6.Send an e-mail to me at with the following details:

Your name:
The name of your blog:
URL of your blog:
Title of the dish:
URL of the post:
Your mood:
A 300px width image of your dish

It would be nice if you could use the logo in your submission.

6.If you do not have a blog and would like to participate, please e-mail your recipe and a 300px wide picture at my id

7.Multiple entries allowed,last date for submission is July 31,2009

Looking forward to all bloggers participation and make this event a great success.

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