I am an avid follower of Ben’s blog – Whats Cooking Mexico?. One thing that clearly stands out in his blog is his ability to relate to the end reader and provide a wealth of valuable information. His blog gives you a whole new perspective on not just the food but the culture and tradition. Through his blog I have come to believe that there is much more to a food blog than just food. He is one of my favorite bloggers. When Ben asked me to write a guest post for him, I happily accepted.

I have been thinking for a while on what to exactly write for his blog. I was in a dilemma on whether to do something mexican or something different. Ben being the master of mexican cuisine, I decided to stick with something more comfortable – baking Bread.

Focaccia is a very a common italian bread. The savory versions are more popular and is usually topped with rosemary,oregano,sage,garlic,olives,onions etc. It looks similar to a pizza in terms of texture and looks. The basic ingredients are flour,olive oil,yeast,salt and water. Various versions of this bread can be found across the world. The bread is fairly plain from inside and a spicy topping helps to balance the taste well.

One day I was in the process of making Sweet Grape Focaccia. I had this craving for something spicy. Hence the sweet became the savory Focaccia. I had some left over sauteed vegetable made with Onions, Peppers and Tomatoes from the previous night….thus happened the Spicy Focaccia with Onion & Bell Pepper toppingπŸ™‚ This by far has been our favorite topping at home:-)

Bite any one??

Do hop on to Ben’s blog for the recipe:)

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