Every other day Ive been going out and things keep me busy. Jes got some time time now, thought to blog and also see what my fellow bloggers are up to!

I got to attend the Midwinter Feast at the International Institute of this state. It was well attended by people from different countries (around 20 different countries).We along with three more friends represented India. P along with his friends started identifying the flags of different countries displayed….Algeria,Lebanon,Denmark,Somalia,Hungary,Indonesia etc and thats when I realized how bad I was.(huh!).For entertainment,there was a belly dance called Shaka Shaka Shaka by two beautiful girls(not sure from which country) and not to forget the soothing Carnatic music performance by our very own Nirmala Rajasekhar,she is definitely a great singer.

Being a foodie,I thoroughly enjoyed the different cuisines.For starters  Hummus & Pita(Lebanese),Piiraka(Finnish) this was new to me,it was something like a pie – a nice crust with mashed potatoes and for non veggies Martabak(Indonesian) and Eggrolls(Thai). Veg options in the main course- Lasagne(Italian),Bean Cake Moi-moi(Nigerian),Pad Thai(Thai) and Spicy Veg Biryani(Somalian) ,Green Bean Salad(Lebanese),Mediterranean Salad(Egyptian).And the best was the Desserts  Apple Turnovers(Swiss),Sweet Potato Pie(African American),Cookies(Tibetan) and Baklava(Egyptian).Ahhhh what a feast:-P. The icing on the cake was the $100 gift coupon(For one of the finest restaurants here) which I won there. I was overjoyed!

Coming to my recipe, I relished my first Cinnamon roll in Las Vegas Airport and havent forgotten the taste till date. The flavor that it brings to any food is incredible.P has a sweet tooth and made this for him yesterday.Its usually a lil soft but I like it to be a lil crunchy munchy 🙂


Ingredients and Method:

For the dough
All Purpose Flour – 3 cups
Granulated Sugar – 5 tbsp
Salt  a pinch
Vanilla Extract  1tsp
Butter  1 stick(1/2 cup)
Baking Powder  2 tsp
Milk  – 1/2 cup

For the filling

Cinnamon powder  2 tbsp
Brown Sugar 1cup
Granulated Sugar 1/2 cup
Pecans  2 tbsp chopped (optional)
Butter  2tbsp
Flour for rolling/dusting

Mix all the above filling ingredients together and set aside.

For the icing-
Granulated Sugar  1 cup
Vanilla Extract 1 tsp
Milk  5 tbsp
Cream  3tbsp


1. Mix all the dough ingredients to form soft dough.Use 1/2 to 3/4 cup milk depending on the texture of the dough.
2. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a rectangle(use flour for dusting).Evenly spread the filling on top of it. Carefully roll the dough and seal the ends(you may use milk to help you with sealing). Cut the roll into pieces (thickness to an inch or more).
3. Place the rolls on greased baking sheets and Bake at 375F until brown. It took 35mins for me. Allow it to cool for just few minutes.
4. Prepare the icing by mixing all the ingredients and drizzle it on top of the cinnamon roll.Let it set and enjoy the rolls!

I placed few pecans on top of the rolls,which is optional.Serve it hot or cold.

Since this was for P,I am sending this to Alka of Sindhirasoi who is hosting the “Just for You” event.

And also to Varsha of Will-O’-the-wisp who is hosting the event “Desert for the rest of us” originally started by Ramki of One Page cookbooks.

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